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bad hosting masterwebnet

June 15, 2013

from now on I will not host my site in masterwebnet anymore. my wordpress installation always get hacked no matter how secure I made it. I installed various plugin to keep it secure and yet it always getting hacked. I think there is a serious flaw in masterwebnet server. thus enable hackers to hack through many website hosted there. just look at this screenshot of my cpanel account. it said that my disk space usage is unlimited and the disk space that I had used showed as NA (not available).


really masterwebnet? is this how your server behave. this make me don’t trust you anymore. I’ll switch to namecheap from now on then. and it’ll take a day then for this transfer process to complete.

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One Comment
  1. My website had been hacked before.. I am 100% sure and believe that my PHP script is secure enough. I am not using wordpress, and I built it from scratch. Somehow, hacker could access my .htaccess and put redirect to porn site! I asked them but seems like their technical support have no idea…

    I suspect there is a hole in their system or the server root is hacked. Poor them..

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