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Breaking Bad

the new last season 5 of Breaking Bad will be aired this coming sunday. be sure to download it in this blog as I will give you the link to the URL of the download sites. Meanwhile though you can have this great poster of Breaking Bad in your facebook page.

just go to this link to create that kind of poster. it surely will make you want to learn more about periodic table.

go to this link to download the last season of breaking bad.

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inserted card is not a viewing card

I have indovision at my home, and I enjoyed having it so that I won’t get bored spending longer times at home. and then something bad happened with indovision decoder after the power outage that my home suffered. when the power turned back on there is this error message displayed in indovision that panicked me.

inserted card is not a viewing card

now there is a problem in my indovision viewing card so I took out the card and clean it with my hand and then put it back in the decoder and yet the error message kept popping up. so I plug off the power cable of the decoder and plug it in again to see if it turns back to normal and to my dismay it still kept on giving me error.

now here I will give you how to solve this error based on my experience in solving it. firstly you need to do reset factory setting of your decoder. Press OK in your remote control and choose factory setting and enter the default pin number 0000. after you do this the decoder will tell you to plug off the cable and plug it in again. but before you do this you must make sure the viewing card has been taken out. and then you just need to press OK in the tv monitor until it reaches the signal (the pictures has a lock on it)
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many films on blockbluster right now are those that has sequels, such as iron man, man of steel, fast and furious or any other movies that has a famous actor plays in it. now why this happen? why hollywood make movies based on its prequel?

the answer is because of piracy, ever since file sharing became famous now the movie industry has lost much money because people all over the world can download the movie for free thus rendered the hollywood in low income. they usually get more money from selling DVD but this income too has dropped.

if hollywood created a new movie then they would need to advertise the movie in various trailers all over the world whilst knowing that the income from the film might be lower due to high piracy. so that’s why many hollywood producers now produce films that has a prequel or else has a famous actor. by doing this they won’t need to advertise the movies agressively because the film title and the famous actor has become an ads in itself thus saving them lots of money.

Cover of "Iron Man (Two-Disc Special Coll...

Cover via Amazon

now please go watch movies in theatres and don’t download it from rapidgator anymore. LOL

testing website performance

if you own a self-hosted wordpress website then you sometime wanted to know how the website performance are for other users. you can use these tools to test your website in terms of its network speed. kind of like a stress test.
1. pingdom
use pingdom to test your website speed and also you can use RUM (real user monitoring) to scale your visitors satisfaction when visiting your site.
2. load impact
this site is useful if you want to test out how your website will performed when there are 50 simultaneous user visiting your website and they will give you the result so you can know which object are slowed in performance of your site

3. octagate
also display the speed network of your site
4. gtmetrix
give your website ranking in terms of its speed using google and yahoo index for site speed.

stress test is a necessary things to know how your website fares against another. kind of like a standardization of website speed.

phpbb spam prevention

if you have a forum setup using phpbb then you must be having trouble fighting spam, you can use recaptcha in every posting using this mods but sometime spambot can get around google recaptcha because recaptcha uses a control word that can be broken easily.

so now the solution that came to mind is putting an anti-spam ACP developed by stopforumspam, so basically it will add akismet system in your phpbb. you just need to download this mods and add the code as suggested in install.html as advised, this mods will be essential in fighting spam as there will be an option for one-click ban for a user and you can also flagged a user if he/she violates the rules. it just simplifies things for admin forum in eliminating spam user.

but you need to beware as this code changes only will work if you are a programmer. so if you’re not a programmer you need to be very careful or else you’ll break the phpbb system. and when you already changed the code in selected files then you need to upload several file in the mods to your cpanel in order for it to works, such as the files contains in the root folder on the mods.
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bad hosting masterwebnet

from now on I will not host my site in masterwebnet anymore. my wordpress installation always get hacked no matter how secure I made it. I installed various plugin to keep it secure and yet it always getting hacked. I think there is a serious flaw in masterwebnet server. thus enable hackers to hack through many website hosted there. just look at this screenshot of my cpanel account. it said that my disk space usage is unlimited and the disk space that I had used showed as NA (not available).


really masterwebnet? is this how your server behave. this make me don’t trust you anymore. I’ll switch to namecheap from now on then. and it’ll take a day then for this transfer process to complete.

facebook login Rtgw_xmpp

facebook is something that’s always has a connection when we’re talking about meeting friends and also knowing them. and then this morning I get this notifications from my email.


I thought my facebook was hacked, but I don’t really believe it considering I use a really strong password. but then again when I read it has xmpp in the mail then I remember that I did use pidgin to have facebook chat there. so that might be the reason why facebook sent me the warning. pidgin may have occasionally testing the password in facebook thus triggering this warning.

and also I thinkĀ facebook doesn’t want me to use facebook chat on another client, they want me to use it on their own website with their ads on it. well then if that’s what you want facebook then I’ll comply with the rule.


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