RSS feed error

I created a planet feed then there is something wrong with its RSS feed that prevent me from posting the feed in my twitter account. below is the error

This page contains the following errors:

error on line 357 at column 40: xmlParseEntityRef: no name
Below is a rendering of the page up to the first error.

turns out the cause of the error is because one of the blogs that I aggregated into has a post title with (&) ampersand. now this ampersand symbol would be allright if it was put into a post body but if you put it into a post title then the above error would come up.

it’s a bit silly that a single ampersand could have fail the whole RSS feed in planetplanet. so yeah I hope you will not put ampersand in the title of your blog posting and just put it in the post body instead.



Lulu is a nice girl and i like hanging out with her. As you can see for yourself.

Her smile is mesmerizing

I don’t really know if she share the same feeling as me. As of now she doesn’t really respond well to my text n call to her cellphone. 

Ah well, at least I take a good picture and upload it here for you to see it.

why did the turkish coup failed?

the condition to safely assumed that the coup is successful is that the rogue soldiers occupy the government building for at least 7 days. but since the turkish rogue troops only able to occupy only a few hours then we can call it a failed coup and here’s several reason why.

the only way for the coup to succeed is for the rebels to keep president Erdogan out of the picture. upon which the rebels had been unable to achieve hence the failure. Erdogan asked the turkish people to flood the streets and fight the coup and the tanks that littered the streets and this compelled the military to back downs and enable turkish people to take back the airport and TV station back to civilian rule.

this coup as it seems didn’t have backing across turkish armed forces and that’s why they were able to be squashed early.

for now though it was unclear who initiate the coup, everything still dark. what interesting is the fact that the rogue soldiers attempted to block the bridge and also the airport so as to prevent people from going out and going in. and they also try to occupy TV station but they forget to switch off the internet which led to people uprising against them.

well at least, future Coup d’etat can learn from the failure of turkish rogue soldiers and shall be written in the history of just another failed coup.

using ubuntu

I had to go back to using ubuntu again in my computer desktop as my windows had been acting up. the problem started when my old graphics card died and I had to use the new one and the problem was that this new graphic card that is GT630 has a problem with its driver so when I installed the driver in windows 7 or windows XP, it just won’t work and the display is just worsened and not very smooth. even in windows 7 the screen always shows blue screen of death everytime I installed the drivers.

so yeah, in conclusion I had to let go of everything windows and now use ubuntu and as it turns out ubuntu can handle this graphic cards really well and the display is smooth and stable. I just need to learn all the command line and install necessary software for making my experience with ubuntu a lot better. beside I am also planning to use VPS in the coming days so having ubuntu will smoother the experience in managing a server as I need to adapt in using command line.



install pip python

pip is a package manager in python, to install it then you need to download the package here and install it using


and then set your environment this way

[Environment]::SetEnvironmentVariable("Path", "$env:Path;C:\Python27\Scripts", "User")

then restart your powershell for this changes to take effect. and after that your pip keywords is now recognized in powershell.

if you are studying python based on this article then you might find problem into activating nosetests function in powershell. to simply solve this you just need to install nose

pip install nose

after installing then go back to projects directory and type nosetests and it will put out a result like this.

orange is the new black

I have finished watching the 4th season of OINTB and I have to say it’s the best story I ever watch. if you ever feel like you’re poor and wanted to know some of the life hacks that you can use to be frugal in life then surely OINTB will teach you some of the skills that are needed to survive.

when in prison, everything is pretty basic. and you just have to make do with what you have. you need to learn new skills, you need to be able to trade to get what you want. and you need to be able to manipulate your friends or even your enemy to achieve your goals.

in prison the currency is sex. because this is the only basic thing that you have as a person. and drugs had massive distribution in prison as money is worthless there. money is only applicable if you’re outside the prison but while inside it’s the stuff that you need that matters.

the prison situation in america is much better than in indonesia where prison overcrowding is commonplace. because the prison sytem is run by private companies with funds being granted by central government. this in turn created a business that make it a better place for prisoners because private handling is so much better than government institution.


there are some new facts surfacing regarding the crash of egyptair flight 804, it turns out that there is a fire that happened in the bathromm of the plane and it seems the pilot and its crew are trying to extinguish the fire but to no avail. what’s troubling is that the pilot didn’t send any distress signal to ATC and it happens just as the plane switches ATC from greece to egypt.

now what can be surmised from this accident is that the same thing might also happened to flight 370 of malaysian airlines. there might also be a fire in the bathroom of the plane that also make the pilot unable to send any distress signal and cannot use any equipment to give out any communications whatsoever regarding the critical situation in the plane towards ATC.

this precedence can’t be ignored as it is very rare for a plane to catches fire inside and even rarer for the pilot not to send any distress signal while the plane is spiraling out of control

in conclusion, you just need to take life insurance in case something bad like this ever happened to you. or you could just take a bus or a ship instead to be on the safe side.

and always never take the same plane when you’re traveling with your whole families, in case something bad happened to the plane, at least your whole family won’t perished.